After a long day of preaching and ministering to his church and members, Pastor Soumana Moctar was still burdened from the flooding that had happened a week ago in his city. The waters were barely receding and the clouds were still thick and unpredictable. He went to bed with a rather heavy heart. Does his city have the preparedness to tackle a disaster? What would happen to his members if they suddenly lost their livelihoods? Many of them barely eke a living on a normal day.

The city of Niamey in Niger Republic had barely fallen asleep when the rains arrived again. Pastor Moctar of The Eagles Chapel in the capital city as well as thousands of families woke up to the rude shock and crude reality they had dreaded. It was clear this was not an ordinary rainfall. Mothers were looking for their children, fathers scampered to salvage whatever they could. The water was waist length in just a few hours. The message was clear. Abandon ship. A disaster had arrived.

Everyone was searching for high ground and a safe place to shelter from the vicious flood that had robbed them of their homes and for many farmers, their livelihood. By the time a headcount was completed, sixty-nine (69) people were confirmed dead and over 300,000 rendered homeless.

The Christian community in Niamey is especially hit hard by this disaster. About twelve churches, symbols of the victory of the evangelical pursuit in that region all have their buildings wholly or partially submerged at the moment. Equipment destroyed, buildings rendered unusable, some already collapsing.

There is little or nothing much the government can do. Hit by a natural disaster when barely recovering from the deadly blow of a pandemic. This is where the global church sets in and we are to be our brother’s keeper. This is our opportunity for the Church to once again be a solution to the needs of the world. Families currently need shelter, food, blankets, medicines and other items. This is a call to action. Can we be an Acts 11:29 church?

The Jerusalem church at one time went through a famine and brethren in Antioch purposed to send relief to their brethren in Judea. Can we be the Antioch brethren sending relief to our brethren this time?

Over 400 believers in Niamey this night will be sleeping in school dormitories on the cold bare floor not knowing where the next meal will come from. How many nights would they have to do this? Your response could be the answer to the prayers of a father right now looking helplessly at his hungry and cold children.

Bear in mind that many of these Christians are converts from Islam. They have kept the faith and seen God’s hand even in these trying times. This is not only an opportunity to help our brothers but to reach out with the love that Jesus teaches to everyone in need.

AMEEN, the Alliance of Evangelical Churches and Missions in Niger Republic (an equivalent of PFN in Nigeria) has setup a working committee to coordinate the response of the local Church to this disaster, and our dear friend and brother, Pastor Soumana Moctar who has been a partner with the International Pastors Conference for many years now has been invited to serve on this committee.

Will you today be the hands and feets of Jesus to bring succor to our brethren in distress?

Your gift, no matter how little will go towards procuring relief materials and set up camps to shelter your brothers and sisters in Niamey. We would be working with AMEEN through our brother Moctar to see that relief is brought to the thousands of displaced and homeless in Niger Republic.

Jesus showed his love by dying for us. We can show love to our brethren in this trying time by sending them help.

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