A dream or vision is a conception that is inspired by God in the heart of a human. We all have dreams, however mundane or sublime. God will usually place His purposes for our lives as dreams in our hearts. God-given dreams are meant to guide us into His purpose for us. Life without a dream is life without direction.The very substance of life is for us to find God’s purpose and fulfill it. God’s plans for our lives are as unique to us as our fingerprints. However, it is not enough to have a dream. The most frustrated person in the world is someone who has a dream but does not know how to make it happen.

Do you have a clear cut dream?

One of the most important criteria for achieving a dream is that you must have a clear cut guiding purpose for your life. Those who fulfilled their God-given dreams in the Bible – such as Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David and Nehemiah – all had absolutely clear purposes. This will keep you from being distracted.

Are you wired for the dream?

Your dream or vision should be much more than mere interest. It should come from the inside. Something you are endowed with. Many people look for God’s will for their lives everywhere except where they should look; inside of themselves. God has already had His purpose wired into us all. The emancipator had always been in Moses even though with wrong methods (Acts 7:23-26). Joseph had his life purpose tied to his natural ability to interpret dreams (Gen 40:12, Gen 41:25). Know what you are created for and celebrate it.

What is the motivation for your dream?

It is important to discover your true motivation. A God-given dream is never selfish. It will always help and uplift others in some way. It should inspire and build up others. How does your dream help others? What is the motivation for your dream? Why do you want to do what you want to do? Can you accomplish your dream and still have integrity?

What is the object of your dream?
The object, recipient or focus of your dream is always within your catchment area. Your dream will most likely bring help to the issues in the lives of people around you (Luke 16:19-24, Exodus 2:11-15

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